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DPOL7SHE4GDrag & drop to custom outline entries fails in 8.0.2 with the error "Invalid or nonexistent document"
DCOY7QAQA6Restructured some logic in the background to prevent potential system hangs.
PANN7SVKHUPrior to this fix, if the results of a find-next operation were out of the current date range, it would not advance to the result's data range and...
CAML7E7UW4Fixed a problem where a categorized view in a Composite Application would not display properly. After collapsing and expanding and using the...
MSTR74CSKXThis fix prevents the error "No HeadlessDBID specified" displayed on the status bar, when switching location id's.
MOBN7W7RRMFixed a problem where incorrect documents were getting deleted when using multiple rapid delete keys.
AWAG82SPS9Fixed a problem where the gutter mode disappeared and wrong documents were acted upon for selection. This problem appears to be a timing issue where...
VMAA836KHHFixed a problem that, when in the Gutter mode, various problems occurred for the calendar user. For example: incorrect actions were displayed, can...
MBLT7Y7J5BOnly the first 300 names displayed on the alpha-tab of the "My Contacts" view in the Notes 8.5.1 Standard client. With this fix, the default limit...
BMEG7KND38Added resource translation for toolbar icons.
AWAG7X3JE2fix to make iCal federation more forgiving when federating with ical content preceded with invalid lines.
DGAO83URR3Fixed memory leaks by disposing Menu listeners and Menu Items correctly.
NLEF7VB89RThis fix checks for log levels before creating log messages to avoid unnecessary creation of string objects.
ACGB7YRLPQ When Switching location Notes may throw an exception.
ATHS7YJM2GPerformance improvement federating other calendars when owner's calendar is not displayed.
AWAG8275ZBDate picker stopped responding to calendar date navigator changes after switching from online location to offline location.
ATHN7UUAZRPerformance gain when deleting a message.
ATHS7WZL47Added Delete to the context menu for a federated calendar event. A warning is now displayed when deleting a federated iCal/google...


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